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Create Your Own Eco-Friendly Cosmetics with Cofoil® and Cofex®

Create Your Own High-End and Eco-Friendly Cosmetics with Cofoil® and Cofex® For those who prefer to craft their own cosmetics while prioritizing natural ingredients and environmental responsibility, Cabeco offers Cofoil® and Cofex®. These innovative actives, derived from recycled and organic coffee grounds, provide the perfect solution for DIY formulations at home, combining effectiveness with sustainability. […]

Premium and Eco-friendly Cosmetics

Cofoil® and Cofex®: Innovative Ingredients for Premium and Eco-friendly Cosmetics In a market increasingly focused on natural and sustainable products, cosmetic laboratories are constantly seeking innovative ingredients to create effective and environmentally friendly products. Cabeco, a pioneer in the use of eco-friendly and upcycled raw materials, offers two revolutionary actives: Cofoil® and Cofex®. Derived from […]

You are a SPA and you want to formulate your products with Cofoil®

Do you own a SPA and want to formulate your products using ecological and upcycled raw materials? Discover Cofoil® from Cabeco®! In the world of wellness and skin care, innovation and sustainability are now unavoidable requirements. At Cabeco, we’ve combined these two aspects to create Cofoil®, a revolutionary active ingredient derived from recycled and organic […]

Cabeco Partnership with the Rainforest Alliance

At Cabeco®, we strongly believe in natural and sustainable beauty. Specializing in innovative cosmetics derived from coffee grounds, our company is committed to respecting and protecting the environment. We are proud to collaborate with Rainforest Alliance, an organization that shares our values of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our products, made from recycled coffee grounds, offer […]

Cabeco®: Member of the Global Center for Circular Economy in Coffee

In a global effort to transform the coffee industry into a more circular and sustainable economy, Cabeco® recently announced its membership in the Global Center for Circular Economy in Coffee (C4CEC). This new pre-competitive platform aims to capitalize on the millions of tons of biological materials generated annually by coffee production, aside from the green […]

Recycling coffee grounds into eco-friendly cosmetics

Discover Cabeco®: Recycling Coffee Grounds into Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Products With over 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed daily worldwide, the international coffee market generates substantial and growing value. However, there is a lack of awareness about how this value is distributed in the supply chain and how much actually reaches the coffee producers. The Reality […]

Cofex®: Gentle, Upcycled and 100% Natural Exfoliating Powder

Discover Cofex®, a gentle, upcycled, 100% natural exfoliating powder, designed to feel extremely pleasant on the skin while delivering the active ingredients retained in its fibres. This unique delipidated powder offers an incomparable composition and feel for universal use.   Features and benefits   Easy integration: Thanks to its physical characteristics, Cofex® integrates and disperses […]