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Cofoil® and Cofex®: Innovative Ingredients for Premium and Eco-friendly Cosmetics

In a market increasingly focused on natural and sustainable products, cosmetic laboratories are constantly seeking innovative ingredients to create effective and environmentally friendly products. Cabeco, a pioneer in the use of eco-friendly and upcycled raw materials, offers two revolutionary actives: Cofoil® and Cofex®. Derived from recycled and organic coffee grounds, these ingredients are perfect for formulating high-end, anti-aging, and skin-friendly cosmetics.

Cofoil®: The Ultra-Regenerating Active

1. Anti-Aging and Regenerating
Cofoil® is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that stimulate cellular regeneration. This active ingredient effectively combats signs of aging by reducing wrinkles and improving skin firmness and elasticity. Ideal for creams, serums, and masks, Cofoil® delivers visible and lasting results.

2. Natural and Effective
Made from 100% recycled organic coffee grounds, Cofoil® is free from harmful chemicals. It is gentle on the most sensitive skin while guaranteeing exceptional performance. Incorporating Cofoil® into your formulations means offering healthy, safe, and effective products.

3. Eco-Engaged
By choosing Cofoil®, you valorize a commonly neglected waste product and contribute to a circular economy. Cabeco is committed to sustainable development, reducing waste, and promoting responsible use of resources.

Cofex®: The Versatile and Sensory Active

1. Texture and Active Delivery
Cofex® offers an extremely pleasant texture on the skin and delivers the actives retained within its fibers. Its unique composition and exceptional texture make it ideal for universal use.

2. Easy Integration and Dispersion
Thanks to its physical characteristics, Cofex® integrates and disperses easily in various mediums—oils, butters, emulsions, and even anhydrous formulations. This allows maximum flexibility in your cosmetic creations.

3. Nourishing and Softening
Cofex® helps soften and nourish the skin with its composition rich in beneficial actives. It is available in two granulometries to meet different formulation needs:

  • Cofex® Extra Grade: 150-300 µm, ideal for gentle exfoliating treatments and purifying hair care products.
  • Cofex® Ultra Grade: less than 50 µm, perfect for dry shampoos and pigment boosters in makeup products.

Applications of Cofex®

Cofex® Extra Grade:

  • Purifying and anti-dandruff hair care.
  • Gentle exfoliants for sensitive skin.
  • Color variations for unique exfoliants.

Cofex® Ultra Grade:

  • Dry shampoos for brown or brunette hair.
  • Brown pigment booster for eyeshadows, foundations, etc.

We use coffee grounds that meet our extremely strict specifications in terms of origin (safety and traceability) and seed quality (free of pesticides, heavy metals, etc.). The grounds are used immediately after collection to ensure freshness and the presence of the desired actives.

Cofoil® and Cofex®: Clean and Pure Actives

Cabeco is committed to providing the highest quality ingredients, derived from freshly collected coffee grounds and processed according to rigorous standards to ensure their purity and effectiveness.

For cosmetic laboratories seeking innovation and sustainability, Cofoil® and Cofex® from Cabeco are the ideal actives. Offer your clients premium skincare products that are effective and planet-friendly. Adopt Cofoil® and Cofex® and integrate sustainable beauty into your cosmetic range.

To learn more about Cofoil® and Cofex® and discover our products, visit our website or contact our sales team.

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