An upcycled, 100% natural, ultra-regenerating active ingredient.


Effective & eco-committed, Cofoil® is perfect for your anti-aging, regenerating, protective or repair formulas – all categories.

A powerful regenerator


-Helps regenerate weakened skin.

-Repairs damaged tissue by promoting cell growth and proliferation, as well as the adhesion of fresh cells.

-Acts on the key factors of skin’s youthfulness (support fibers, immunoprotectors, defensins, aquaporin and its precursors).

-Boosts the skin’s essential barrier function, which belies  marked or dry skin.

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A semi-liquid lipid, Cofoil® can be incorporated into lipid or aqueous bases – emulsions, oils, butters.
Its unique, highly compatible viscosity makes it easy to incorporate into all types of formulas.  
Excellent long-term stability.
Characteristic coffee-like scent, discrete, easy to cover or use to boost a fragrance note. 

Imagine and formulate with Cofoil® :  

defensive” urban care
post-beauty care
active make-up
targets for fragile, sensitive skin…
softer hair care products…
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