Our specialty : coffee grounds

Coffee is a world unto itself. Since the dawn of time, all civilisations have derived remedies from it, including recipes using the grounds to care for skin and hair. The coffee berry is bursting with powerful molecules.

The grounds used to make instant coffee are still rich in active ingredients, not least because the process uses water. A huge proportion of the active molecules are found in the grounds, including the lipophilic (fatty) ones that are not captured by water. 

It would be a shame to throw away this far from inert raw material.

Coffee grounds have a very interesting chemical composition, just like the source plant.  They contain polysaccharides (glucoses, arabinoses, galactoses, etc.), proteins, peptides, fatty acids and amino acids.

Around 50%, proteins +/-15%, lipids 5-20%, chlorogenic acids 5-9%, minerals up to 7%, caffeine up to 3.5% and…

Our in-house quality charter for coffee grounds.

To produce quality cosmetic ingredients, you need to use quality coffee grounds.

We use coffee grounds :

-Still full of lipids (characteristics that can be felt by the hand on first contact)
– Free of all traces of contaminants (pesticides, heavy metals, etc.)
-Clean – i.e. without the residues of a poor harvest still present (leaves, bark, other residues, etc.).

We have patented a methodology to optimize this supercritical CO2 extraction for :

– work with coffee ground that we have been rendered ultra-clean (no residues from coffee growing)
– refine the selectivity of the desired active ingredients,
– increase the active ingredient content of the final product.
– recover those that were resistant to the conventional process (proteins, etc.)

We’ve even succeeded in making the process more eco-friendly and saving atoms.

Our patent, which is of course secret, goes further than a CO2 extract. The patented process gives us an ultra-soft, non-inert powder (Cofex®) and a completely unique raw material (Cofoil®). The latter stands out for its rich composition, appearance, solubilization capabilities and feel….

So Cofoil® is not like coffee oil, nor is Cofex® and inert scrub powder, since all the active ingredients of the raw material are recovered.

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