A gentle, upcycled, 100% natural exfoliating powder

Cofex® has an extremely pleasant feel on the skin and delivers the active ingredients retained in its fibers.

A delipidated powder with a unique composition and feel for universal use.
Its physical characteristics make it easy to integrate and disperse in all kinds of media – oils, butters, emulsions…even anhydrous ones.
Its active-base composition helps soften and nourish the skin.

It is available in 2 particle sizes:

Cofex® Extra grade 150-300µm
Cofex® Ultra grade finer – less than 50 µm
Other grain sizes on request
Imagine ultra-gentle exfoliating products with Cofex® Extra :
Purifying, anti-dandruff hair care products
Sensitive skin scrubs
Vary the colors of scrubs
Try the micronized version Cofex® Ultra :
Dry shampoos for brown hair
Brown booster pigment for eyeshadows and foundations….
We use coffee grounds that meet our extremely strict specifications in terms of origin (safety – traceability), and original seed quality (no trace of phytosanitary products, heavy metals…).
The pomace is used immediately after collection to ensure freshness and the presence of the desired active ingredients. 
Cofex® is a clean, pure active ingredient.
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