Making the most of the richness of coffee grounds.

– We knew that coffee grounds had great powers. We identified the active molecules and set up an extraction process (patent pending) to recover  them intact., for tenfold effectiveness. We have begun to identify the ways in which our flagship active ingredient ,Cofoil® acts on the skin, and we are continuing to investigate its incredible activities.

– We have devised a way of recycling this by-product in its entirety: 100kg of “waste grounds” become 100kg of Cabeco® active ingredients. Total upcycling with zero waste.

La Société Cabeco ® Cofoil® et Cofex® sont des produits certifiés COSMOS cosmétiques biologiques ou naturels.

An ethical and ecological vision for the future.

Our commitment to Regenerative Agriculture places us at the forefront of Regenerative Cosmetics, a natural extension of green chemistry, Clean beauty and Corporate Social Responsibility..

Our research into the upcycling of coffee grounds enables us to develop new uses for this by-product and for our creations, ultimately helping to secure the industry.

Cofoil® and Cofex®  are Ecocert Cosmos approved as natural raw materials for  Cosmetics.

Total upcycling and ingredients ahead of their time.

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