Create Your Own Eco-Friendly Cosmetics with Cofoil® and Cofex®

Create Your Own High-End and Eco-Friendly Cosmetics with Cofoil® and Cofex®

For those who prefer to craft their own cosmetics while prioritizing natural ingredients and environmental responsibility, Cabeco offers Cofoil® and Cofex®. These innovative actives, derived from recycled and organic coffee grounds, provide the perfect solution for DIY formulations at home, combining effectiveness with sustainability.

Cofoil®: Natural Beauty and Anti-Aging

1. Regeneration and Vitality
Cofoil® harnesses the revitalizing properties of recycled coffee grounds, rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients. Ideal for DIY formulations, it promotes cellular regeneration, reduces signs of aging, and naturally enhances skin firmness.

2. Environmental Commitment
By choosing Cofoil®, you opt for an eco-friendly ingredient that helps reduce waste and supports a circular economy. Perfect for creating customized anti-aging creams, nourishing serums, and revitalizing masks at home.

Cofex®: Versatility and Gentleness

1. Soft Texture and Adaptability
Cofex® offers a gentle texture and remarkable adaptability in DIY formulations. With its mild exfoliating properties and ability to retain actives, it’s ideal for homemade facial and body scrubs.

2. Formulation Flexibility
Available in various granule sizes, from extra fine to coarser grades, Cofex® seamlessly integrates into DIY cosmetic products such as scalp exfoliants, hair masks, and body care treatments.

Why Choose Cabeco?

Cabeco is committed to providing high-quality ingredients sourced from sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Our products are designed to meet the needs of consumers looking to create personalized cosmetics while contributing to environmental preservation.

With Cofoil® and Cofex® from Cabeco, you can explore the exciting world of DIY cosmetic formulation while adopting a responsible approach to skincare and the environment. Discover natural, personalized beauty with our innovative ingredients.

To learn more about our products and start your journey towards eco-conscious beauty, visit our website or contact us for more information.

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