Cabeco Partnership with the Rainforest Alliance

At Cabeco®, we strongly believe in natural and sustainable beauty. Specializing in innovative cosmetics derived from coffee grounds, our company is committed to respecting and protecting the environment. We are proud to collaborate with Rainforest Alliance, an organization that shares our values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our products, made from recycled coffee grounds, offer an eco-friendly solution while valorizing a commonly overlooked waste product. By integrating sustainable practices into our production chain, we reduce our carbon footprint and support coffee farmers worldwide.

Partnership with Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance collaborates with over 400,000 certified coffee producers across Latin America, East Africa, and Asia, most of whom are small-scale farmers covering an estimated 1 million hectares. This organization helps coffee producers tackle challenges such as climate change, plant diseases, and price instability by connecting them to responsible markets and providing training in sustainable agricultural practices. Their certification program encourages innovation and continuous improvement while promoting human rights and gender equality in the agricultural sector.

Rainforest Alliance also develops customized action plans to enhance farm resilience to climate change, promoting smart and climate-friendly agricultural methods. For example, certified farmers adopt techniques like mulching, protective irrigation, and planting indigenous trees to mitigate climate risks.

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