Recycling coffee grounds into eco-friendly cosmetics

Discover Cabeco®: Recycling Coffee Grounds into Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Products

With over 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed daily worldwide, the international coffee market generates substantial and growing value. However, there is a lack of awareness about how this value is distributed in the supply chain and how much actually reaches the coffee producers.

The Reality of the Coffee Supply Chain

The complexity of the coffee market and price volatility present risks for all actors in the supply chain. These risks have led to a concentration of value in the hands of coffee buyers and large brands, to the detriment of producers. Increases in labor and input costs have particularly affected the most vulnerable coffee producers. This imbalance represents a long-term risk for the entire sector.

The Mission of Cabeco®

At Cabeco®, we turn this problem into an opportunity. By recycling coffee grounds to create natural and eco-friendly cosmetic products, we add value to every coffee bean, even after use. We believe in a supply chain that is both beneficial for your skin and respectful of the environment.

Why Choose Cabeco® Products?

  • Sustainability: Reduce waste and carbon footprint by choosing products that reuse coffee grounds.
  • Fairness: Support coffee producers by contributing to a more equitable distribution of value.
  • Innovation: Enjoy cosmetics formulated from natural ingredients derived from recycled coffee, offering exceptional benefits for your skin.

Join the Cabeco® Movement

By choosing Cabeco® products, you become part of a sustainable and fair initiative. Transform your beauty routine with our coffee grounds cosmetics and contribute to a greener future.

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