Cofex®: Gentle, Upcycled and 100% Natural Exfoliating Powder

Discover Cofex®, a gentle, upcycled, 100% natural exfoliating powder, designed to feel extremely pleasant on the skin while delivering the active ingredients retained in its fibres. This unique delipidated powder offers an incomparable composition and feel for universal use.
Features and benefits
Easy integration: Thanks to its physical characteristics, Cofex® integrates and disperses easily in various media such as oils, butters, emulsions and even anhydrous preparations.
Skin Benefits: Its unique composition helps soften and nourish the skin, making Cofex® a valuable ingredient in your cosmetic formulations.
Available particle sizes
Cofex® is available in two particle sizes to meet different needs:
  • Cofex® Extra Grade: 150-300 µm
  • Cofex® Ultra Grade: Finer, less than 50 µm
Specific particle sizes available on request.
Applications and Uses
Cofex® Extra Grade :
  • Purifying and anti-dandruff hair care products
  • Scrubs for sensitive skin
  • Scrubs in a variety of colours
Cofex® Ultra Grade :
Dry shampoos for chestnut or brown hair
Brown pigment booster for eyeshadow, foundation, etc.
Commitment to quality
We use coffee grounds that meet strict criteria in terms of origin, safety and traceability. The quality of the beans is guaranteed without any traces of pesticides or heavy metals. The grounds are processed immediately after collection to guarantee freshness and the presence of the desired active ingredients.
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