Who are we?

At the origin of Cabeco®,  are three partners: David PERRY, Doctor in biology, specialist in skin ecology and microbiology and Frédéric VERWILGHEN, Agricultural Engineer, coffee producer and Sébastien AMEYE specialist in communication.

Their common goal? Create, from coffee, a range of natural, innovative and health-promoting cosmetic products, while doing good for the planet.


Doctor and specialist in skin ecology. Researcher and Director of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Research.

Graduate of the Institut Pasteur, Paris; 30 years of experience in the cosmetics and health care fields with a professional background at the service of the largest laboratories (L’Oréal, Bourjois-Chanel, Guerlain and many others).

To his credit: 5 patents filed and over 150 Scientific communications, from conceptualization to development and commercialization, as well as the creation of about fifteen innovative active ingredients.



Graduated with a Solvay MBA, Frédéric lived 8 years in Côte d’Ivoire as a coffee planter for an international company.

Resident in Brussels, expert in Agro products, he is now a multi-entrepreneur in the field of circular economy.

Agricultural engineer Leuven ; Solvay MBA; Multilingual: FR, NL, UK, DE, ES; Planter Coffee, Rubber, Pineapple, Bananas (BIO) in Côte d’Ivoire for 8 years; Specialist in Agro, Biocides, veterinary products; Multi-entrepreneur, including several projects in circular economy.


Sébastien Ameye

Sébastien Ameye is the founding director of Studio Art Zone, a multi-channel communication agency created in 2003.

Before creating his agency, Sébastien managed for 2 years a French café in London and held various international positions including Sydney as a photographer and graphic designer.

With 18 years of experience in the management and management of digital and e-commerce projects, Sébastien supervises the sales team, and leads customer relations by providing a 360° vision of Cabeco® SAS ‘s reputation.


Our ambition

The coffee we consume generates millions of tonnes of waste in Europe and in the countries of origin.

By-products that are not valued even though they have enormous potential in many areas, including health.

Unlike grapes or wheat, research has not yet made it possible to exploit the added value of these small grains.

By combining our two worlds, after several years of laboratory testing, we have managed to develop a unique extraction process to create products that do not exist on the market.

Products with multiple and powerful active properties

Why Cabeco®?

Our history and experiences have brought us together to offer a new look at cosmetics and the environment.

Our goal: to reduce our consumption by doing good to the planet. Cabeco® is the embodiment of a subtle and innovative research to enhance the unique properties of coffee.

Our values: Innovation – Ecology – Natural – Local.

Through our products, we engage in research to offer ecological, local and innovative cosmetic products that reduce our impact on the environment.

Cabeco®: a patented brand

David PERRY and Frédéric VERWILGHEN have registered the Cabeco trademark® and patented the process of obtaining all the products they have created. The project is now in the industrialization phase.

Our Customers

At a time when each individual wants a return to the roots: natural, local products, a virtuous production cycle, ZERO waste, Cabeco® responds to 2 major societal challenges: reducing consumption and preserving health.

Used in B2C for body or facial care and in B2B as a basis in formulations, these new active molecules are revolutionizing the world of cosmetics.

Find all the possible uses of Cabeco® in the cosmetic applications & active ingredients section.