Cofoil® coffee butter beard care

Soin pour la barbe au beurre de café Cofoil®

All bearded people know, a beautiful beard requires daily maintenance. Whatever the method used to highlight your hair and structure your beard, you must bet on healthy and quality products to obtain a beautiful result and be able to wear it proudly. With natural cosmetics, no more chemicals! You bring your beard the softness it deserves without attacking the skin and hair.

Making your own beard balm, 100% natural, is not very complicated! Even if it is necessary to resort to several ingredients, it is enough just to understand that each one has its own mission. Beeswax is the main ingredient, the one that gives its consistency to the product and that allows to discipline the beard. Cofoil® vegetable oils and coffee butter provide a specific function to the product (hydration, protection, etc.). As for essential oils, they perfume the balm.

Fabriquer votre propre baume à barbe, 100% naturel, n’a rien de très compliqué ! Même s’il est nécessaire de recourir à plusieurs ingrédients, il suffit juste de comprendre que chacun possède sa propre mission. La cire d’abeille est l’ingrédient principal, celui qui donne sa consistance au produit et qui permet de discipliner la barbe. Les huiles végétales et beurre de café Cofoil® apportent une fonction bien précise au produit (hydratation, protection, etc.). Quant aux huiles essentielles, elles parfument le baume.

Recipe beard balm with coffee butter Cofoil®

30 g beeswax
5 ml of organic sweet almond oil
5 gr of Cofoilcoffee butter®
5 ml organic apricot kernel oil
5 to 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice

Place all the solid ingredients in the recipe (beeswax and butters) in a container resistant to boiling water (glass, for example).
Boil a pot of water.
Melt the solid ingredients in a water bath, that is, by immersing the chosen container in boiling water.
Mix the ingredients until they become completely liquid.
Once this is the case, remove your container from the water.
Then add all the liquid ingredients (vegetable oils and essential oils).

Put your preparation into one or more containers.

Let it cool:  your beard balm is ready when it has become solid again!

Apply Cofoilcoffee butter beard balm®

To use it, nothing could be simpler. Just follow these steps:

Take a hazelnut of beard balm and rub it in your hands to soften the care;

Apply the product to your beard;

Massage to penetrate the product properly;

Shape your beard using a beard comb or simply by hand.

You now know all the tricks to maintain your beard with natural products! As you have understood, for a complete care ritual, you need to wash your beard with a soap specially designed for this purpose, feed it with a beard balm and brush it thoroughly with the help of a horn comb. If you follow these three essential steps by focusing on 100% natural hygiene and beauty products, you are sure to get a soft, silky and healthy beard!

Cofoil® coffee butter beard care by Art Zone