Upcycling café Cabeco®: areas of valorization

The embodiment of a subtle and innovative research to enhance the properties of coffee in all areas.
The cascade of coffee benefits begins with the coffee tree (the coffee plant) and continues throughout its life cycle: Upcycling  café

Dried coffee beans,
>Roasted coffee beans,
>Ground coffee,
>Yophilized coffee,

At each stage of this life emanate specific products and by-products with high added value creating benefits for our health and well-being. CABECO® intervenes by collecting and recovering residues and by-products throughout the coffee production process.

This is UPCYCLING, in other words recycling “from above” with the creation of innovative products from unused materials. So it’s also the ZERO DECHET!  Upcycling  café

The Circular Coffee Economy: a market with high added valuee

The circular economy of coffee is based on innovation and natural organic processes to obtain products by pursuing an increasing curve of added value.

At the bottom of the pyramid of value are energy, compost, agriculture and mushroom cultivation.

At the top of the pyramid, we can discern cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.

At the bottom of the value pyramid, raw products are poorly valued but the markets are very important in terms of  volume.

By climbing the pyramid, the products are further refined and purified and their added values progressively greater.

Given the hundreds of millions of tons of coffee grounds that are currently landfilled and therefore a source of pollution, this is the only truly circular strategy.

The value cascade the only valid Business Plan!