Cofex® coffee scrub, a miracle cure for cellulite?

Scrub de café Cofoil remède miracle contre la cellulite?

The number one slimming ally of your favorite slimming creams, the caffeine contained in the Cofexscrub ® promotes the destocking of fat cells.

Its content being much more concentrated in homemade version than in commercially purchased care, the effects will be all the more convincing.

Cofex® coffee scrub massage

The Cofexcoffee scrub®, with its natural beans will thus exfoliate the skin and therefore effectively fight cellulite.

Add a drizzle of argan oil and mix to obtain a homogeneous texture.

Take a little of the mixture and apply to the skin with the palpate-roll method. Pinch the skin so as to form folds and make back and forth movements up from the bottom to the top.

Once the massage is over, rinse thoroughly with cold water to remove all traces of coffee scrub.

Obviously, you will not see the effects from your first anti-cellulite massage. But if you repeat the operation regularly, you will notice the orange peel effect attenuated from the first month.

Anti-cellulite scrub scrub Cofex®

As we know all too well, natural ingredients can perform real little miracles. The Cofexscrub® used in exfoliating is the perfect example.

Here is a very simple recipe to make to obtain a scrub, frighteningly effective.

Anti-cellulite scrub with Cofex® scrub and coconut oil

3 tablespoons coffee scrub
2 tablespoons of coconut oil (you can also replace this vegetable oil with sweet almond oil)

In a container, mix the coffee scrub with the coconut oil to obtain a homogeneous paste. Then apply the natural scrub to your legs, preferably in the shower. Perform a very tonic massage, making sure to always go from the bottom to the top. After the scrub, remember to moisturize your skin.

If you want to see visible results quickly, do two (or even three) homemade coffee scrub scrubs per week.

The recipe for homemade thin wrap with Cofex srub ® and green tea

4 tablespoons coffee scrub
A green tea bag
2 tablespoons sweet almond oil
A food film

Gently cut out your green tea bag and empty it into a container. Then add the coffee scrub and sweet almond oil. Be sure to mix well to obtain a homogeneous paste.

Apply the mixture to the targeted areas of your body by massaging gently.

Then wrap this homemade treatment with a food film (three or four rounds of film are enough). Leave on for about thirty minutes and rinse with cold water.

To be done twice a week for visible results quickly.

Our advice? After using this homemade anti-cellulite  wrap, always remember to moisturize your skin with  Cofoilcoffee butter®.

How long does it take to get results?

It’s a fact: Cofex® can be an effective beauty ally to fight cellulite. However, regularity is the only option to get results quickly. Frequently use homemade coffee scrub treatments (scrubs and slimming wraps), at least two to three times a week.

 by Art Zone