Cofoil® 100% Natural and eco-responsible

Cofoil® natural coffee butteris an innovative active ingredient for all your refreshing, regenerating, repairing, face, hand, body, foot and hair protectors.

Notre collecte de café et la sélection de matières premières suit un cahier de charges très strict, surpassant les normes cosmétiques et alimentaires.

Cofoil® coffee butter and Cofex® scrub are 100% Natural pure coffee and free of any phytosanitary products, heavy metals and preservatives.

Fragrance-free, dye-free and synthetic preservative-free
Silicone free
Not tested on animals

Cofoil Beurre de café

Les Rituels 


Cabeco Ellen Fiers


While I had rather oily skin, with age, my skin became drier.

A light massage with coffee butter is a very effective and long-lasting natural treatment.

The product instantly enters and gives me soft and healthy skin.

What is more, I have the distinct impression that my Rosacea has subsided since I began using coffee butter.


Cabeco alexia watine


I apply Cofoil® butter every morning and evening to my face and legs as a hydration treatment. I see a real difference; my skin seems to regenerate.


Cabeco janick


I make scrubs with Cofex® and then I apply the coffee butter. It's easy to use and I feel that my skin is always well hydrated.


Cabeco Helène


I like this product because it contains only natural products. It's good for my skin and at the same time I'm doing good for the planet.


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